We’re all about appliance maintenance

Appliances are a substantial investment, they do jobs we don’t want to do and make our lives easier. A well-made and maintained appliance will last for years to come. Many people don’t give their appliance reliability a second thought until it breaks. We as a society depend on the appliances in our homes to make our lives better by saving time and making our lives easier. Unfortunately, many people take the modern comforts that appliances provide for granted. When appliances fail, they can cost much more than the time to repair them. It can also cost time, aggravation, and a lot of discomforts. To avoid this happening sooner than it needs to, inspections and maintenance can extend the life of your appliances.

Household appliance preventative maintenance requires cleaning, inspection, and repair if any is needed. Should you need a repair, give Somebody Appliance Repair a call at (870) 266-3595 immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely the damage will not only worsen but cause damage to other parts of the appliance. Increasing costs, such as stress, time without the appliance, and possibly other losses such as food or damaged clothing. On the other hand, people who properly maintain their appliance can not only enjoy the average life expectancy of the appliance but often will have the appliance long after the expected appliance life span.

What happens when the appliance isn’t maintained?

Your machine is much like your vehicle. Without proper maintenance such as oil changes, the parts wear out quicker. But, have you ever wondered why? The oil in your car or truck lubricates the engine. This avoids friction which not only wears the parts out quicker, it creates heat. The heat will quickly damage the engine and cause it to swell, bond together and all sorts of other things that will kill the engine. Not a lot different than when you don’t clean the lint out of your dryer. The lint and dust act as an insulator holding the heat in. Ultimately it will cause parts to heat up. Heat is the killer of electronics and appliances. So cleaning them out will help extend the useful life expectancy of the appliance.

But what else does poor maintenance cause? A loss of efficiency. This means it takes more power to run the appliance. In a short moment, it doesn’t seem like much, but over a year it will cause the real cost to your power bill. When you buy the appliance it may say uses $X per year. That’s under optimal and properly maintained conditions. This includes virtually every appliance you buy. Therefore, proper maintenance will improve efficiency and cost you less in the long run.

Examples of the damage:

Last but not least is damage to other property. This can often be the most expensive loss from not maintaining your appliance. The following are just a few examples of the expenses one can incur. The list is hardly complete.

1- Refrigerators: Most often not thought of until they break. But, even when it’s not visibly broken it’s possibly more dangerous. When the refrigerator doesn’t maintain the proper temperature, food can spoil and make your family extremely sick. Unchanged water filters can grow bacteria and contaminate the water your family is drinking, causing illness and possibly even death. The most obvious issue is when the refrigerator just breaks altogether. Your food spoils, and the freezer thaws, water goes everywhere. It’s just an expensive mess.

2- Dryers: Dryer maintenance is probably the most obvious. As it expels lint which is combustible and can and has caused fires. Cleaning the lint catch, and the ducts are mandatory. If you are unable please call Somebody Appliance Repair to get it serviced as it can be a danger to your entire house. Now that we’ve covered the obvious. Let’s talk about the potential hidden damage of not maintaining your dryer. Some small amounts of lint and dust get inside the machine. This again acts as an insulator and can cause heat to build up, which will damage the internal workings of the dryer. For this, a professional Appliance repair company is recommended to clean out the internal systems of the dryer. This will both extend the life expectancy of the dryer and improve safety as well.

3) Dishwashers: When seals go bad on the dishwasher they can leak. The problem is it doesn’t always cause a visible flood. A small leak can be under the unit and can not only cause damage to the flooring, but it can also be the perfect place for bacteria to grow.

4) Washing machine: Front-load washing machines are prone to a sour odor. The smell is likely from bacteria which builds up in the system from not properly cleaning the washing machine. However, did you ever think about the damage improper usage can do to the machine? If you overload the machine it can cause unnecessary strain on the motor, bearings, gears, and suspension. What’s more, if it goes off balance it makes the washing machine work harder. Please carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for load sizes as you do your laundry in any washing machine.

So please just properly use and maintain your equipment

I have carefully illustrated the potential cost of poor appliance usage and lack of maintenance. It’s financial, stressful, and a loss of time when the appliance breaks. Proper maintenance not only saves the cost of repair and replacement but power. With that in mind if you are not sure how to provide proper maintenance to your appliance or you need a repair completed, be sure to call Somebody Appliance Repair today at (870) 266-3595.